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Transfers: Joaquin Boghossian


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Huidige club:newell's old boys
Contract tot:2011
Vorige clubs:c.a.cerro
Leeftijd:31 (19 juni 1987)
Lengte:197 centimeter
Gewicht:84 kilogram
Playing career Boghossian began his playing career in 2005 with C.A. Cerro in Uruguay. In 2009 he joined Newell's Old Boys of Argentina. His outstanding aerial game and his excellent goalscoring record make Joaquin Boghossian a player that has been recognised by the fans of Newell's as a replacement to their last top goalscorer: Oscar "Tacuara" Cardozo. Thanks to Boghossian's goals, Newell's fought against Banfield for the championship during the 2009 Apertura and lost out only in the last round because of a disappointing 0-2 home defeat to San Lorenzo. Despite it being Boghossian's first season in Argentina, the Uruguayan striker has already won the love of the fans, leaving the door open to his dream of being part of the Uruguay squad at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Joaquin was born in Montevideo on June 19, 1987 and he began his career at Club Cerro. In 2005, he debuted in the first division and four years later, due to his great talent and goalscoring ability, he moved to Argentina. In the Uruguayan league, he scored 23 goals in 55 matches and helped "Club Cerro" to qualification in the next Copa Libertadores. In the 2009 Argentinian Apertura, he has scored 11 goals in 18 matches, becoming the top goalscorer at Newell's and one of the best strikers in the championship. In addition to his skills as a goalscorer, Boghossian is a very hard-working target man that is great at keeping the ball and creating space for his team mates. Currently he has produced a great partnership with Jorge Achucarro. The future of Boghossian in Argentina is not clear at the moment and a transfer to Europe has already been mentioned a few times. The player still belongs to his former Uruguayan club Cerro, and he is on loan at Newell's until 2010 although the Argentinian side don't have an option to buy. Boghossian is a target man with great physical attributes that are crucial in his role in the side. He is great in the air and has a very good leap, which has led to a number of goals in recent weeks. In addition he has good finishing skills and is deadly in one-on-one positions. He doesn't have many weaknesses, the main one is that he isn't very quick. Team-mates describe him as a very low profile person, a great friend and very ambitious. Physically, Joaquín has never had a serious injury and he stands out because he is always in good shape. Boghossian played for Uruguay's Under-20 national team in the Sudamericano of 2007. He has yet to play for the Uruguay national team and although it won't be easy to force out the likes of Diego Forlan, Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, Boghossian could well be the next goal-crazy striker from Uruguay


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