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Transfers: Gary Medel


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Huidige club:Boca Juniors
Contract tot:Onbekend
Vorige clubs:Universidad Católica
Leeftijd:31 (3 augustus 1987)
Lengte:171 centimeter
Medel is a versatile defensive midfield and defender who plays for Boca Juniors in Argentina, and a regular on the national team. He is known for the intensity with which he pursues the ball (earning him the nickname "Pit Bull" and "Chilean Gattuso") and his skill going forward. Medel came up in the Universidad Católica youth system and made his professional debut in 2006. He was also a key player in Chile's successful U-20 side that captured 3d place at the U-20 World Cup in Canada, where he began to catch the attention of scouts, despite the fact that he left his team with 10 players in a very unnecessary play in semi-final match against Argentina, alongside other standout players such as Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez, and Mauricio Isla. He scored his first goal on the 28 July 2007 and won the hearts of Católica followers after a game against eternal rivals Universidad de Chile in which Medel scored both of his teams goals and sealed the victory. He has suffered from a series of issues (including a suspension for spitting at an opposing player[2] a serious car accident,[3] and the unfortunate death of a young woman who fell out of his balcony during a party[4] among others[5]) have interfered with his career. In 2008 Medel was awarded the Player of the Year award by the Chilean press (ahead of Argentine striker Lucas Barrios) and managed to earn a regular spot in Marcelo Bielsa's starting 11 for the national team.


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